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Male Infertility

02 Apr 2012
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Infertility is the inability to become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex.

Infertility can be grouped into two categories: primary infertility and secondary infertility.

  • Primary infertility is when a couple has not become pregnant after one year of trying to conceive.
  • Secondary infertility is when a couple has become pregnant once before, but has not been able to conceive again.


Male infertility may occur if there is a low sperm count or if sperm cannot be released.

Causes of male infertility can include:

  • Exposure to high heat for long periods of time
  • Pollutants in the environment
  • Excessive alcohol consumption or drug use
  • Infection
  • Older age
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Cancer treatments (radiation or chemotherapy)
  • Smoking


For further information consult your general practitioner.




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Updated April 2012