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Meniere's Disease

26 Mar 2012
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Image source: Chittka L, Brockmann; Wikimedia Commons – Human Ear Anatomy


Meniere's disease is a rare disorder that affects the ear. It usually appears as an 'attack' (which lasts for between 2–3 hours) during which there is a drop in hearing, pressure and/or ringing in the ear and vertigo.

The causes of Meniere's disease is unknown. Attacks can occur daily or as rarely as once a year.


Though the cause of Meniere's disease is unknown, it is thought that pressure in the ear contributes to the condition.

Risk factors for developing Meniere's include:

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune problems
  • Genetic factors
  • Chemical imbalance in the inner ear
  • Viral infections
  • Blood vessel problems


  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Loss of hearing
  • Sense of fullness in the inner ear


  • Low-salt diet
  • Medication
  • Treatment of underlying health conditions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Treatment for stress, anxiety and depression
  • Surgery


If you have any of the above symptoms consult your general practitioner.




Video: What is Meniere's Disease?




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Updated April 2012
Image source: Wikimedia Commons – Anatomy of the Human Ear