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10 Feb 2012
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Pregnancy is the process in which a fetus grows and develops inside a female's uterus.

Usually lasting between 38–40 weeks, pregnancy is typically divided into three stages:

First trimester (weeks 1–12)

  • Fertilization occurs
  • The embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus
  • Morning sickness (nausea) can occur during this stage


Second trimester (weeks 13–28)

  • The fetus grows and develops major organs and body systems
  • Weight gain will occur during this stage


Third trimester (weeks 14–40)

  • The fetus continues to grow and develop, and will change position, dropping into the lower pelvic area in preparation for birth
  • The majority of weight gain will occur at this stage


For information about nutrition during pregnancy, see: Ministry of Health – Food & Nutrition Guidelines for Health Pregnant Women.


For more information about maternity care and services in New Zealand, see: Healthpages – Pregnancy & Childbirth Services.




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