Services & Treatments

Areas of Specialisation
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy and oesophageal motility testing

Covering all aspects of gastroenterology including:
  • Assessment, investigation and management of gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Evaluation of oesophageal disease and dysfunction and investigation of dysphagia.
  • Assessment and management of dyspepsia.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of malabsorption syndromes including diseases of the pancreas.
  • Evaluation and treatment of liver disease.
  • Investigation and management of lower bowel disorders and colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer.

Special Interests

Investigation and management of diseases and dysfunction of the GI tract

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for
APC procedures in association with endoscopy , Balloon enteroscopy , Capsule endoscopy , Colonoscopy , Consultations , Consultations , EMR procedures in association with endoscopy , Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Gastroscopy , Liver biopsy.

About Dr Ian Wilson

Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
Ian offers careful evaluation of patient’s symptoms, co-ordinated targeted investigations and where possible, an evidence based management plan.

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Gender: Male

Colonoscopy Definition


The colon (or large bowel/large intestine) starts at the end of the small intestine and ends at the rectum and anus. In a colonoscopy a long flexible tube (a colonoscope) is threaded up through the rectum and transmits an image to a viewing screen. The lining of the colon and rectum can be inspected for such things as inflamed tissue, abnormal growths, and ulcers. Colonoscopy is most often used to look for early signs of cancer in the colon and rectum, and for causes of unexplained changes in bowel habits. If an abnormal growth, such as a polyp (a stalk-shaped growth or lump), is found, a small piece may be taken for examination (biopsy) or it may be removed. Thorough cleansing of the bowel is necessary before a colonoscopy. You will be given pain medication and a moderate sedative to keep you comfortable during the examination.

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MBChB (Otago) 1992, FRACP 1990

Specialist Experience

Over 20 years at Wakefield Hospital & now also practising at Boulcott Hospital

Hospitals Practising at
Wakefield Gastroenterology
Boulcott Hospital
Capital and Coast Health

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Ring my PA @ 04 920 0134

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Boulcott Endoscopy

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Boulcott Endoscopy
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