The Ellerslie Clinic

09 579 2210 Auckland Region
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Southern Cross Health Insurance Affiliated Provider for Consultations

About The Ellerslie Clinic

Specialist Psychiatry, Psychology & Lifestyle Medicine

Established 25 years, The Ellerslie Clinic (formerly Kilpan & Associates) provides professional psychological counselling and psychiatric services.
Based in Auckland, our team work with individuals from all walks of life to help them overcome the challenges and concerns of everyday living.

Parking Available


Comprehensive Services

  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Medication Reviews
  • Immigration Reports
  • Forensic Court/Parole Reports
  • Individual, Couple & Family Counselling
  • Lifestyle Medicine

Appointments available remotely or at our convenient Ellerslie location.

Team of qualified Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Health Professionals

Dr. Rajendra Pavagada Psychiatrist
Dr. Mike Louw Psychiatrist
Dr. Venkatraj Konan Psychiatrist
Dr. Han Chung Lim Psychiatrist
Dr. Shanmukh Lokesh General and Forensic Psychiatrist
Shona Harvey Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Prudence Fisher Clinical Psychologist
Katie Hayden Counselling Psychologist
Deven Sharma Lifestyle Medicine DipIBLM FASLM CHIA CEO

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for
Dr. Mike Louw
Dr. Rajendra Pavagada

Referral Info

Referrals can be emailed direct to reception@theellerslieclinic.co.nz or faxed to 095261182.


Contact The Ellerslie Clinic

2 Walpole St

PO Box 17 511,
Auckland 1546

2 Walpole St Auckland 1051 New Zealand